Easy 3d Body scanning technology

Easy 3d Body scanning technology.

New way to make a tailor and a customer closer to each other.


For the past century   the world of fashion and clothing manufacture has gained great experience in fashion design and has been leaning heavily on it to the present day. Therefore from long ago tailors have been taking measurements to cut a pattern.

Particularly, the development of E-commerce in fashion has resulted in a wide gap between a customer and a manufacturer or seller, which is much bigger than in case of offline commerce. The risk of making a mistake in sizes has raised considerably especially when it comes to deviant bodies.

The need for the remote system of taking body measurements has emerged

as an alternative to the traditional method. And optical system of 3D body scanning is one among many. All the scanning systems have the same goal – to receive information about customer’s body structure and let a customer try on and choose clothes, shoes and accessories remotely.

To find out more about 3D body scanning check out a website - 3D Body Scanning Technology annual conference.


Several examples of different measuring and try on services are listed below. And the number of such services is increasing.

But how can one combine high accuracy with a low cost product not to incur heavy expenses on the equipment?

The low cost online services are available now but their accuracy leaves much to be desired as measurements of acceptable quality require special equipment.









The way to help e-commerce in solving the problem of remote 3D body measuring has finally been found.


The special elastic measuring suit turns out to be a compromise between expensive measuring rigs and low cost methods. It is proposed to extract 3D data from 2D picture by using a photo or web camera.

An elastic suit is made from knitted thin stretch fabric which can stretch everyway and fits like double-skin not hindering movements. The surface of the suit is covered with flexible geometrical templates placed in special order. The combination of size and position for every template is captured optically and can be decoded by a special program. It allows to extract 3D data and construct a digital 3D body image.

3D body image can be used in different ways. The most common one is to extract body measures. The additional way is to apply the augmented reality and try on clothes. Augmented reality is easy to apply due to the templates which are used as optical markers.

Pictures from the patent

The size range of elastic suit can be much fewer than that of standard clothes, as bodies of different sizes can fit in elastic suit of one size.

The types of elastic suit are standard. They can be produced by traditional technology with high efficiency and a low cost price.

Some other competitive opportunities are listed below:

- Ability to use at home

- Ability to use on the move

- Suitable for mass market

- For different body sizes

-  Great Design opportunities

-  Powerful marketing opportunity

-  Requires no electricity supply.

-  Radiation-free

-  Built-in memory

-  Statistics analysis

- Cooperation with other measuring systems

-  Long operating lifetime.

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